Extending Your Shelf Life

Creating Game Plans for Body, Brain and Helping Others

Welcome to Still 4 Life

Our goal at Still 4 Life is to make a difference in the lives of people in our communities by sharing, researching and developing game plans to achieve your highest score in this game of LIFE.  We want to encourage, interact and share information about healthy lifestyle choices so that we all can make informed decisions that will help us all – Extend Our Shelf Life.  



Helping Others

I am a firm believer that when you help others, you heal yourself.  I have experienced this over and over throughout my life, as many others have as well.   Still 4 Life’s main focus is to support individuals, businesses, non-profits and schools through products and programs that will make a positive difference in the lives of those in our communities.  We invite you to come and take a look at different products and programs that can benefit you and your organization.

Your brain is your most valuable asset.  It works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no days off.   Our brains are in he driver’s seat of our bodies and control everything about us – our thoughts, movements, breathing, heartbeat, senses.  Did you know that what we eat has a direct impact on our brain and its function?  Science is beginning to understand that the foods we eat directly control how our mood and brain functions.  That’s great news because it puts us back in control of our body and our mind with a few easy changes to our diet.   I will share with you things that I do to keep both my brain and body as healthy as I can so that I can extend my shelf life.  

Mindfulness. It is an easy word to say. It is also an easy one to practice. For the millions of people across the world who take time out of their day to practice mindfulness, there are plenty of benefits to be had. For those who don’t, the door is always open. Though mindfulness is a healthy and mind-awakening habit for everyone, it can be particularly useful for children and teens throughout their developmental years.  We have designed programs school age children and student athletes.  Our  G.U.M. – Grow Up Mindful and Mind Over Head Chatter programs are designed for parents, teachers, and role models.  Want to learn more…click here!

Our Corporate Wellness Program is tailored to each individual corporation and can consist of small group and personal fitness training, nutrition coaching, lunch-n-learn sessions, fitness challenges, and a full menu of wellness related programs to improve worker health, productivity, and morale.  Our Corporate Fitness System brings more than 30 years of experience to the forefront of corporate wellness programming.  We have fine-tuned our system by working within our clients’ current business models to transform their most important asset into healthier, and more productive people.  Learn more

Exercise & Nutrition

“You are what you eat…and drink”!  We’ve all heard that before.  You may have noticed that you feel better when you eat certain foods, but have you ever really thought about the fact that what you feed your gut directly affects your brain?  When it comes to health, nutrition and exercise, I am by no means an expert – just a research enthusiast.  Through this page, I will share information, tips on exercise, food choices and a number of other ‘good for your health’ ideas that I have implemented over the years to help me maintain my brain and body function in this final quarter of my life.  

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now.  Many people who know me will tell you that I am all about living a healthy lifestyle.  I enjoy encouraging my friends and family too.  This blog will not only include information on healthy living, but also how we can make a difference in the lives of individuals, families and our communities.  Still Crazy…after all these years comes with a lifetime of experiences, positive and maybe not so positive.  I embrace them all.  My wife have I have 11 children and nearly 21 grandchildren, and we are Still Crazy!

Featured Products

Healthy Mind

Relax.  Reboot.  Revitalize!

The calming, rejuvenating effects of 10 to 20 minutes of braintapping serves to balance your nervous system and inoculate you against the stressors of everyday life. Daily braintapping trains your brain to be resilient and creative, and it activates the right mental states at the right time. In other words, you become your best version of you!

Healthy Body

Magna Wave PEMF

Routine use of MagnaWave can improve the body’s ability to repair cells, recover and rejuvenate. By stimulating cell metabolism, pulsed electromagnetic fields is thought to trigger a chain of processes in the body that can lead to improvement of health without side effects. MagnaWave machines produce a sensation that you can feel. Results are felt immediately with continued improvement over time and additional sessions.

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