One of the most important things an athlete can do is to build a solid foundation, and I’m not just talking about your workout routine.


Of course it’s important to train your body, but you also need to train your mind…that’s right, you need to “get your mind right” too.


Here are a few things to think about…First of all, it’s important to set intention and goals.


What is your WHY for wanting to be successful?


I can tell you that my “WHY” was to get out of the projects, and make a better life for my family and me.  I enjoyed playing football, but it was just the vehicle I used to live my purpose.


Your WHY could be many things – it could be your family, your sport, having a sense of satisfaction that you are the best person you can be, or whatever you want!


So, take just a few minutes and answer the following questions to best assess yourself:


  • Where are you as an athlete?


  • Where do you want to improve?


  • What drives you to succeed?


  • What’s your current support system?


  • What do you want to see at the end of this program?


Write the answers to the following questions.


And, remember, the more we share with our community the more accountable we are to our goals.